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Moses Vodka

The second post in a series I am doing on kosher for Passover spirits is on Moses Vodka. Now, this is unusual because it is also based on sugar cane (anyone noticing a trend here?). Moses is actually produced in Finland, and is overseen by, among other authorities, the chief rabbi of Finland and is cross-certified by the OU for Passover consumption, as per the website http://www.mosesvodka.com (Note: the bottle does not have the OU-P on it, only the local rabbi’s stamp!)

It is a medium-bodied vodka with a very clean taste to it. It is a pretty unique product, as most vodkas are made from some form of grain (ie, Grey Goose, Stoli, Smirnoff, Absolut, etc.) or potato (ie, Luksusowa, Chopin, Karlsson’s Gold–my favorite). That being said, it is NOT a cheap, throwaway product like the vodka many of us have consumed for years on Passover (its name shall remain off this blog for professional considerations). This is high-quality, top shelf vodka that could be consumed (and should be consumed!) throughout the year, but is also acceptable for Passover consumption. It retails for around $30.

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