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Gamla Moscato, Israel, 2009

Ok, so Moscato has a bad reputation of being nothing more than sweet fizzy wine. While there is plenty of that out there, sweet and fiz  and not much else, Moscato has the potential to be just as interesting and enjoyable as any other “serious” wine out there. Today’s specimen is one of them.

Moscato has a reputation of being one of the more aromatic grapes on the market, with notes of peach blossom, orange peel and herbs, and the Gamla Moscato doesn’t disappoint.

The palate continues the floral and herbaceous qualities with sage becoming the dominant herb flavor. It is not as sweet as some other Moscatos out there such as the ubiquitous Bartenura offering, but I think that is a good thing: it allows some of the wine’s other characteristics come out.

While drinking this on its own is always a good idea (Kiddush anyone?), the Gamla Moscato also has the acidity and sugar content to stand up to some fairlly rich dishes. Try a bottle the next time you have liver (trust me on this one) or a rich cheese like Brie or Camembert. Blue cheeses can be a bit strong for the delicate flavors of Moscato but if you come across a mild blue cheese then it could work. On the other hand, it could also work with a fruit salad composed of berries with a touch of sugar for maceration and some lemon zest.

The Gamla Moscato retails for $13 in many wine stores. L’chayim

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