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Barkan “Classic” Sauvignon Blanc, Israel 2009

This week, we are still in Israel and looking at another Sauvignon Blanc. This time, Barkan‘s entry-level (the “Classic”) Sauvignon Blanc. While not the most complex and opulent wine out there, it wasn’t intended to be, and it does its job quite well.

By “entry-level” I mean that the winery intended for this wine be a basic, everyday kind of wine. There is not a lot of complexity in either the nose or the palate but  at the same time, the price reflects the quality. In reality, if you were to go to a bistro in Europe (at least in the non-kosher world), you would find a “house wine” in the form of a bulk wine, often served in a carafe, and meant to be quaffed, not necessarily savored or pondered over.

This wine in particular is definitely a “bistro wine,” as I call it. Bright and fruity, the Sauvignon Blanc is medium-bodied with lots of citrusy aromas of white grapefruit and a little papaya. The palate reflects these flavors with just a hint of minerality on the finish, which is a short one.

At $12.00 a bottle, and mevushal, this is a wine that I’ve used at several events (along with other wines in the Classic line) to a great deal of success because it is easy to drink; it is inexpensive; and it provides a bit of social lubricant which makes these events memorable (hopefully in a positive way!)

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