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New Years, New Resolutions

Hi there, sports fans!

I know it’s been a very long time since I last posted here, but there have been several things that happened in my real life that prevented further note-taking and posting.


First: My son was born. Mr. Y graced the world with his presence on Shemini Atzeres. 

Second, the Chagim just really threw me for a loop in terms of scheduling time to actually write.

Third, Work got extremely busy! Many nights, I would drag myself home and just crawl into bed. 


Well, Im hoping to make up for lost time and give you guys a regular posting at least once a week of wine education and wine review. There are a plethora of new wines from old regions and new wines from new regions of the kosher world to be opened and tasted, and I’ll make sure that you are aware of each one!



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