Thank you for your interest in Wine Maven event services. Wine appreciation is growing at an unprecedented rate. Our passion is wine and helping you host or plan a wine gathering is a great opportunity for us to share more of our knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way. Your decision to host a wine event is both thoughtful and timely. A private event is a considerate, cost-effective way to explore the world of wine with others who share your inquisitive palate. Hosting an event in your corporate offices is a unique way to demonstrate client appreciation and welcome new clients to your business. We are available for corporate events or events in residential homes in the five boroughs (and beyond for special rates).Here’s how it works:

  • Basic Wine Maven Party for 17 participants is a $300 base cost (3 wines for 2 hours, no extras).
  • Longer-term classes also available (varying themes from general wine 101 to reds/whites around the world) $30 per class per person, 5 person minimum, 5 class minimum. (3 wines for 2 hours per session)

Our level of involvement in the event is another important decision. We offer everything from a basic set-up and pouring, to formal wine presentation, to activities designed to engage the senses and enhance participants’ experience with wine. Let us know your ideas for your event, and we will do our part to realize that vision.

Because there are so many excellent wines from which to choose, we often find it useful to identify a theme for the tasting, i.e., wine regions (Bordeaux, Marlborough, Mendoza), grape varietals (Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Nebbiolo), and other topics (women in wine, sparkling wines under $30, cult wines from America, etc.) are useful themes for focusing the wine selection. We will be happy to make sure that your event is tailored to your specifications and memorable for your guests.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together and sharing in “the wonderful world of wine.” You can reach me via email at

Thank you very much,

Matthew Sheinberg
Wine Consultant

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